Feng Shui And The Spirit Of Christmas

Few people associated input the Christmas celebration and Feng Shui, these two traditions are different but have many elements in common when it comes to raising their objectives; It is not followed a Christmas spirit something devalued by the commercial and the common, but give it a new focus as a special occasion, the birth of a new year, and a few new illusions using positive energy in a conscious way to achieve our goals. The way involve Feng Shui in the Christmas season without abandoning the essential principles of these festivals is incorporating elements that remain powerful in Feng Shui are integrated within the Christmas decoration. I.e., good fortune and abundance in China traditional colours are red and gold, also purple or bright green, why, we could think about contribute so many elements or decorative objects in these colors as we can and so will be able to increase the positive energy of our home and generate a feeling of vitality and joy. In fact, the intention is the same in both cultures: use ornaments, food and encounters with our family and friends as activators elements that attract good fortune. It is simple, it is enough to think about your space and wanting to give it a new life for a few days following the traditions. A universal example of this can be the fact of having a container with candy near the door as a symbol of welcome and insist that all those who arrive to take any. Better than the best Feng Shui fountain! Christmas is the time of year where the best intentions (energy) are in the environment, why should seize the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui, in order to benefit from this cosmic moment. Dare to implement this philosophy in your home and will be able to have harmonic spaces for reception of the new year.