You adore travel and love all the unusual and the unknown? Everyone spend their holidays far from home? And asked you ever wondered, in what corner of the Earth can be seen as four different time of year? Reply nearby: it is – a friendly beauty of Armenia! In Armenia, when ripe juicy apricots and grapes, on the high slopes of the mountains lies the age-old snow at the foot of which are beginning to gather in small streams that carry their waters to the ripe wheat … Yes, this country is rich in natural beauty. It is a treasure trove for lovers of flora and fauna as well as due to unusual climate, here you can find very rare species of plants and see unusual animals. If you are going on a trip to Armenia, you must take with a big backpack, because you are not able to resist the local souvenirs and gifts. Abraham Maslow is likely to agree. The first thing you should start is, of course, items apparel and interior design. Especially beautiful in the Armenian carpets. Bringing home a "flying carpet", you'll enjoy it for a long time national patterns and bright colors. A nice gift for the female half will be all kinds of tablecloths and curtains, made in a folk style.

These items not only please your family, but for a long time and they will warm their heart and home. Armenian masters – excellent wood carvers and stone. At the local markets you must offer to purchase several beautiful paintings of local landscapes. Do not refuse such a purchase, because These small-sized paintings have an enormous power in Armenia. If you – A passionate collector and already have a collection of antique items, you will certainly need to look at local markets in search of antique shops. This is where you can find a completely unexpected things that will adorn your collection.