Hospitalization Process

Introduction: It is indispensable to all include the family in the process of hospitalization of a child burning victim, therefore together they deal with diverse types of physical and psychological estressores, that perpetuate for all the life. The nursing team must develop ampler a care and humanizado, sharing between all the involved safe information and supplying constant emotional support, so that all the goal of improvement of the quality of life of this family effectively is reached. Objective To understand the impact of the process of hospitalization of a child burning victim on the familiar dynamics, as well as the performance of the nurse with this population. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. can aid you in your search for knowledge. Methodology the present research is of qualitative, descriptive character of the type literature revision. A bibliographical survey by means of research in the Data bases was carried through: Lilacs, Mediline, Scielo and PubMed. The following words had been used keys: Child, burnings, family, nursing and hospitalization. Conclusion the actions of the nursing team must more be constituted in humanizada and holistic way, sharing the care with the family, where this, in turn, must all be felt during the process of hospitalization of the child burning victim important and necessary.