Additionally Science

In addition to some very good wines put at your disposal three champagnes: brut nature cava Macabeo and Chardonnay, and rose cava of Garnacha, mild, pleasant, cavas de Aragon. However, in addition to taste cava is something else. If you want to know the unknown healthy virtues of continuous cava reading already Hippocrates said that wines, bread, barley flour, meat and fish were involved of the virtuous substances, and it seems that science not only corroborate him. Body and spirit benefiting from the complicity of the moment of the toast of good wishes shared, and if Additionally Science highlights a good list of beneficial qualities of a moderate consumption of cava, because honey on pancakes. Let’s look a little closer at these capabilities: It seems that there is a lower risk of disease among moderate drinkers of champagne cardiovascular, due to its antioxidant and cardioprotective effect. It has been scientifically proven that cava prevents the oxidation of LDL, the bad cholesterol.

Thus, protects the arteries of the formation of thrombus and promotes blood flow. You must add what cava favors the production of vasodilatory substances, which rounds off its cardioprotective effect. It also contains phenolic compounds among which it is worth highlighting the resveratrol, powerful anti-cancer component, very fashionable lately, and which are doing studies in relation to the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. Of course, needless to say, that these health effects have been observed in moderate drinkers of champagne, what no one is released to a consumption binge of any type of alcoholic beverage for an enhanced effect. Even the world of esthetics, fast as none in applying the latest discoveries to our health service, has not taken to bid the cava: cava with cosmetic purposes hydrotherapy pools. We prefer to bring with him.

It is the home of this new project called saboores, full of hopes and expectations. Us involved you want to get all these emotions. So, take advantage of this moment to enjoy with you relying on a good reception by your side. With the cellars of the winery Bordeje provide by saboores. Quality and health to the table from the lands of Aragon. This toast goes for you!