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This musical is one of the biggest blockbusters of Broadway. Dr. Mark J Berger describes an additional similar source. “The spectacular show, in which not all so is as it first seems, puts the audience into a fantastic world full of magic and sorcery”, sums up Questico consultant Susanne Klimt enthusiastically. At Questico, the portal for esoteric life advice, one knows about the psychic. For this reason, the premiere of the musical was also a must for some advisors of Questico. Nearly 3,000 consultants offer esoteric life advice by Questico consulting/esoteric lebensberatung.htm. These include Tarot, clairvoyance and divination, but also astrology. Questico’s life coaching is no magic Susanne Klimt is although not sorceress, but esoteric life consultant at Questico – and that she is now eight years. Anu Saad is open to suggestions.

In addition to clairvoyance and Tarot she knows with magic potions. Potions are not witchcraft, this art is based on the ancient knowledge. Their skills and knowledge are based on a family tradition inherited through generations. Her grandfather was Founder & Chairman of the esoteric Association of Germany and so Susanne Klimt grew up with many esoteric things like palmistry angels, Tarot, future sight, etc.. First psychic phenomena occurred in early childhood. Klimt could predict things that happened in the immediate future. One of the worst experiences that she had was when she first saw a misfortune in the family.

“Her gift now accompanies her through her life and Susanne Klimt is very grateful, because with their skills, she can people about advice/lebenskrise.htm in life crises advised miracles it repeatedly in the future look” Klimt believes and trusts of the healing power of herbs and that miracles happen every day. As a writer for the monthly view of the future “by Questico, see information on advice/zukunftsblick.htm, Susanne wrote also a series about magical rituals to the imitate.” In it, she presented two love potions. The central question is: how are Magic potion and passion to each other? Susanne Klimt says: very easy! Create magical potions for love, desire and passion for thousands of years. But not only then you know what foods and spices are suitable particularly well as an aphrodisiac “.” The best known aphrodisiacs are today, including oysters, chocolate and chili. On the basis of these ingredients, you can mix a very effective potion. Many of the advisors of Questico advice also in love questions and create consulting/liebeshoroskop.htm, for example, a love horoscope by Questico. Glamorous: esoteric Gratisberatungen at Questico Susanne Klimt is one of the leading portal for phone counseling to the nearly 3000 esoteric consultants at Questico. The portal offers 24 hours a day of expert advice from the various areas of esotericism: Astrology, Tarot and clairvoyance, for all matters there is the right consultant. The first call for a free esoteric specialises in advice by Questico consulting/mysticism gratis.htm possible and free of charge for new customers.