American Style

Transparency in the companies is fundamental basis for successful leadership the leadership objective is the behavior of all employees to influence that corporate goals are achieved with minimum effort. Leadership is divided into leadership, leadership techniques and leadership tools. Leadership refers to the practice, how managers deal with their employees. (Similarly see: Dr Jee Hyun Kim). The most famous styles of leadership is leadership, to the authoritarian, the cooperative, as well as the laissez faire by the American psychologist Kurt Lewin (1890-1947) were distinguished for the first time. The authority for the authoritarian style of leadership is solely the superiors.

Its employees have the decisions to implement without becoming involved or to question them. An authoritarian management style requires enormous technical and expertise, self-esteem and the technical and analytical skills of the respective superiors. The cooperative style of leadership which virtually Contrary to the authoritarian leadership style dar. Cooperative managers transferred employees freedom and decision-making powers. Team work is the key element in this style of leadership. Despite of all spaces, it falls the superiors to let its employees in the lurch, but to guide them through targets and coordination of the individual services to the overall objective. This approach goes back to the Geneva philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778).

The Laissez-Faire style of leadership is the sole decision of work organisation, objectives and tasks of the employees. “The objective here is, from the employees entrepreneur in the enterprise” to make. Depending on of the respective style of leadership is to implement this guidance. The methodology in the implementation called this leadership technique. The description of this technique provides answers on how”the leadership ultimately implemented. In entrepreneurial practice distinguishes different types of management techniques. In many Several techniques are used parallel cases. Are certainly among the best known:-management by objectives: guided tour of target agreement – management by exception: guided tour of deviation control and intervention in exceptional cases – management by delegation: leadership technique, in which as much competence and responsibility to transmitted on each employee management tools are methods that employ an Executive and applies to allow the leadership of employees at all, but also to facilitate this.