Sales Strategies

successful sales strategies for women marketing experts today assume that women about meet 85% of all consumer decisions, such as buying a car, apartment facilities or electronic devices. Communication research is well known in the meantime that men and women communicate differently. In sales, these findings have still not seriously found expression. The fact that men and women communicate differently, must be taken into account particularly in sales, because there a not successful communication can mean lost revenue. 42 million consumers are not addressed Justice addressed! To eliminate the instance of maladministration, psychologist Dr. Jon Medved is full of insight into the issues. Gisela Bolbrugge communications has developed a special seminar, addressed to all salespeople selling to women. The 3-day open seminar held for the first time in this autumn in the Munich area. Dates September 24-26, 2008 and 3rd-5th December 2008. For more information, please contact: BolbruggeCoaching Rathausplatz 3 85716 Unterschliessen home T: 089 32 73 38 73 q: 089 32 64 94 51 E-Mail: Web: