One of the hottest destinations in Europe is currently in the backpacker scene worldwide the best accommodations and attractions in Dublin, the Irish capital city of Dublin. This town promises a lot of fun especially students and backpackers. Inevitably thus spent his stay here, walking through the city and uncheck all the things on a very long list that you want to do before you visit one of the famous Dublin pub at nightfall. Before the backpacker but embarks on a discovery tour of the city (and their range of alcohol), he or she should check only in a hostel in Dublin. In the city there are many choices, including the Abigails hostel at Aston Quay, which is a popular choice for backpackers thanks to its excellent facilities, reasonable prices and unbeatable location.

Another stay in Dublin from the list of numerous hostels is that Abbey Court at bachelor’s walk – a serene and friendly place. Get more background information with materials from Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. Bay one there – or in an other Dublin hostel – one night and it has as Backpackers an excellent basis to this vibrant city and the many things to do, must experience. 1. visit the Guinness Storehouse. If you are a beer drinker, you have quite probably ever heard the name of Guinness. For the fans of the most famous and most popular drink of the planet is the Guinness Storehouse, the perfect place for a visit.

Here, the backpacker Gets the opportunity to experience the whole history of this drink. A great thing about a visit to the GUINNESS STOREHOUSE is also, that you can drink a pint of his favourite beer bar on the gravity and the costs are included in the ticket price for. It is said that beer tastes better the closer you get to its source and it is difficult, even closer than to reach the Guinness here.