Dead Sea Salt Thyme Cream

Skin, the largest organ in the human body. Protecting the body from exposure to the outside world, she carries thermoregulation, excretory, respiratory, gas exchange and receptor function. The skin consists of 3 main layers: epidermis to be beneath the dermis and hypodermis. The epidermis – is layered, keratinizing “epithelia body from the penetration of microbes and dehydration. Dermis forms a loose connective tissue, collagen fibers, reticulin and elastin, which create a framework of skin. Ultimately, the state determines the state of the dermis and epidermis of healthy-looking skin. In today’s skin constantly exposed to external negative factors: dust, neon light, radiation from computer screens, solar radiation, alcohol, smoking, etc. Everyone wants a beautiful body.

Therefore, skin care has an important place that would get a beautiful and healthy body. What would be, beautiful and healthy body requires a daily pampering. Laboratory specialists Justrich Cosmetics developed a series of health creams based on ancient monastic recipes using medicinal plants, such as thyme, juniper, mallow, marigold, mint scented, eucalyptus, nettle, St. John’s wort, etc. With the ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of skin, the healing creams with natural ingredients have effective impact on the processes occurring not only in skin but also in the human body. The undoubted advantage of natural cosmetics, including creams and recreation is ecologically clean raw materials and the absence of synthetic preservatives, which often cause skin irritation. Therefore, natural cream are well tolerated even by people who have sensitive, prone to allergic skin. The effect of the use of creams manifested very quickly and saved for a long time after application.

Line health Justrich Cosmetics (cosmetics for the body) is intended to “slow down” the inexorable passage of time and create the optimum conditions that allow the skin best to perform their functions. Line health before curative cosmetics, the main direction of which – the maintenance of health, youth and beauty of the body, relief of muscle pain withdrawal itching, skin inflammation and irritation, treatment of scars and burns, relief at the state upper respiratory tract diseases, prevention and slowing the aging process, preventing the development of cellulite. Line of body care products: Cream Calendula Cream Lavender Cream Cream Malva Juniper Cream Dead Sea Salt Thyme Cream Body Lotion Salvia refreshing gel (gel for the body) After Shave Gel Body Lotion Malva Almond Body Milk.