Employee Relationships

On Monday we were having breakfast with the employee with a minimum of eight years in the state: be eligible for a temporary suspension of employment contract, paid “30% of annual salary, with a minimum of 12,000 euros, for a period of three to five years at the time of crisis that exists today, the organization understands it as a way to “ease the working relationship that reconciles the needs of the organization and staffing.” Although the return is guaranteed in such a long period is likely that a significant percentage of those benefiting from it end up not returning to the Bank (as point sources of the entity), or because they find another job that satisfies them, ride a business on their own, or become officials. This will allow BBVA to reduce costs for the duration of adverse situation, waiting for the economy to return to the positive trend (not likely to replace those that will be hiring anyone, but normal is to divide the work among which remaining).

Of course, this could mean that under this proposal, the BBVA expects the negative situation of the economy last three to five years. Please visit cardiologist if you seek more information. A similar method has been used relocation delayed the Nissan plant in Barcelona, with a clause of reentry in 2012. Workers charged 20 days per year with a minimum of 15,000 euros, and kept his salary and re-entry category for Parallel to this agreement, Nissan is also promoting low “final” with a financial incentive of sixty days per year worked, with a minimum of 23,000 euros and a maximum of 120,000 euros, also including a relocation plan type, through a specialized company. .