Health Facilities

New technology will also help to create resources that will reduce the amount of time the existing health facilities in many processes, including the recording of patients, conduct outpatient workflow or process treatment: the doctor is able to monitor and adjust treatment of the patient between his visits, communicating with them in "private office" at the site, which will not be able to look one another. You can also create an online system for carrying out complex operations involving the world's largest specialists in online mode (similar facts have already taken place medical practice). 4. Information content. At medsaytah Runet news and texts are rarely updated are not edited, not specially prepared, not filtered by the audience, do not work on specific tasks. This error is fairly common.

And today is supported by plug flow of news from various case of tapes, that allows, not to engage in special administration and maintenance of websites. For informational errors sites can also be considered – a random selection of the news pages of congestion and non-core too large texts, citing information without identifying the source and authors. It happens quite often use slang in the lyrics or complex academic style of presentation, specific terminology (without explanation and links to dictionaries). Quite often, sometimes – grammatical errors, repetitive content, promoted by a direct inconsistency. fast has been very successful. Recommendation – information on the nature of news sites should be linked with the theme of the resource, and reinforce it. The user should be able to leave comments and messages, checked the admin, which will help maintain the resource. In addition, you must know that the information content of the site – an important strategic moment of any company, and a very demanding form of corporate communications, so it must be prepared and sent to specialists (PR-technologists, press secretary).

5. Usability – usability of sites. More part in the medical Runet created for the users convenience either very limited or conversely excessive, and often more "declare" rather than confirmed in practice. The functions most medical resources require its correction: To order products must sometimes "try", making out a questionnaire and to add information to – to pass complex registration, etc. Often there is the unthinkable, prevent visitors resource. Recommendations – in order to understand how convenient site for the user, and adjust it enough to hold a simple audit, as is done today, leaders of traditional shops, aiming to test of their managers "dummy buyers". Walked, talked, and all at once I saw. Recruitment services, it is useful to include in the structure of sites such sections as "Careers", "Polls", "Choose your doctor," "The response of visitors and etc. But it is important to remember – a universal solution in the web sphere does not exist, for each problem must be found experts in a particular decision. The main conclusion from the analysis – medicine and the web must meet its purpose, to improve their ways of working and the Internet to serve the people, following its main principles and precepts: do no harm … The studies provided by experts of the Project Web Optima – Med Craft