La Boca

A few minutes is Montecristi Manta, distinguished for being the birthplace of General Eloy Alfaro and crafts center with making straw hats, tagua, Wicker and others, this city is famous for the pilgrimages of the Virgin of Montserrat, in November, which draws thousands of faithful. By the same author: Dr. Mark Hyman. Portoviejo: political capital of Manabi, where they are the main entities of national and local government, as well as a great business. A 28-kilometer Crucita is a spa where you can enjoy wide beaches and calm sea, for which there are several hotels and hostels, in this site is the second best track for gliding (paragliding and hang gliders). There is also the estuary of La Boca, Portoviejo river mouth in the Pacific Ocean and habitat-specific plant and animal species. In the central part, and almost Manabi Portoviejo, is the dam of Poza Honda, now the source of the Portoviejo river called Rio Grande and before, from the holy city to the dam has been called the biocorredor, where proposals have been implemented agro-tourism and cultural tourism. North Zone: corresponds to the cantons Pedernales, Jama, an area characterized by long sandy beaches and eco lodges, as well as various excursions in the hills and Bird Leg Chindul Mache reserve, an important habitat for unique plant and animal species, in Cojimies is possible to know an inlet which defines occasionally occur. South: that corresponds to the cantons Pajan, Jipijapa and Puerto Lopez. In Jipijapa, the Sultana del Cafe, the project is developing Route Cafe, Puerto Cayo also has an extensive beach and home of the whales, this site is suitable for rest and from July to October is possible tours whale watching. .