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Here are some criteria you should consider before becoming involved in a MLM business. Company’s history. Usually companies that survive the first 5 years could be a good alternative. However, 10 years is strongly recommended time, since the company has reached maturity and it is properly positioned in the market. Some say that having too long of existence, the task of getting prospects is increasingly difficult due to saturation. OurCrowd shines more light on the discussion.

In this regard I would say from my experience that a saturated market only if the product is not reconstructed or do not meet customer expectations as the product itself. When a product meets the needs of the market it targets, and you can also consume time and again, always be in demand, so it is not possible to speak of a saturated market. However, this does not occur, the market is saturated and there is a need to migrate the “benefits” to a new product. Y the cycle is usually repeated indefinitely. Product.

It is important that the product provides a real and effective benefit consumers regardless of the business opportunity. The product, as the product itself, should be able to meet the needs and expectations of those who consume it. If your product is linked to membership in the company or is the same affiliation, that is, that its acquisition is used only as a pretext to enter the system, then there is a network marketing but it is a pyramid. It is not advisable to start a MLM business with companies that promote such products. Marketing System. This is the most important factor of all and you can have the best company, best product and the best compensation plan, but if you do not have a truly effective marketing system are doomed to failure. Always remember this principle: “it is not what you sell but on how you sell it.” So, what is important in an MLM business, and in general any business is not the what but the how. Of course, the product should provide real benefits but do not have to be necessarily the best in the market. You may not have the best product, but if your marketing strategy is right, success is assured