Lord Hagar

a Oey to the truth she is my sister, the daughter of my father, but not my mother’s daughter, and took it for mujer.a a Genesis 20: 12 Sarai was a beautiful woman, which was my father in trouble in more than one occasion, monarchs from different nations, is so interested in it, that Abraham was forced, repeatedly, to resort to lies, for fear of losing his life, telling the half truth that Sarai , was not his wife but his sister. to this that I mention, I can corroborate, performing a simple query to your scriptures, in fact I mention only as a simple addition, the point at which I want to address is related to the influence exerted on Sara my decisions father, especially in the sad episode of Hagar and Ishmael. a Despite its beauty, Sarai, or Sarah, as was called later, could not have children, and that has caused frustration and suspicion throughout his life.

As was customary at the time, Sara, believing that the Lord had made sterile, she asked her husband, who shall cleave unto his servant Hagar so that he could give her children through it, that way, her maid conceived a son, whom they named, Ishmael. The birth of Ishmael, Hagar the happiness of being a mother, caused great bitterness in Sara, his character, in itself very difficult and arrogant, irascible and turned sour, and this circumstance, constantly tormented by her maid, Hagar. Let a scribes are very particular form, to recount certain facts, what we have: a Entonces Sarai said to Abram, My wrong be upon thee: I gave my handmaid to wife, and being pregnant, I look with contempt, Judge Lord between you and me.. Celina Dubin contributes greatly to this topic.