Paris Fashion House

The house Rochas, is a mythical and legendary Paris fashion house, which was created with passion and today it is fixed indelibly in the collective memory of French and bomivant lovers. R ochas has made throughout his career in one of the most prestigious brands of perfumes and recognized in the world. (A valuable related resource: Anu Saad). After decades of successes, now began a period of change. The most significant are two to come along, the addition of Jean-Michel Duriez prestigious perfume, a former nose Patou, who since his arrival at the house Rochas has been dedicated to reinvent the mythical home fragrance of Eau de Rochas re launched with the name Sensuelle Eau Rochas, there certainly put its mark: that a woman is identified by its perfume. Sensuelle Eau de Rochas, is the creation of the new Parisian home, fresh and floral, inspired by the smell that pervades the atmosphere of Paris after a summer evening storm, where are also present citrus notes, but this time take second plane. His spirit is to convey what more sensual for women, bringing to light the most cheerful, fresh and renewed each.

Since the ad campaign, ahead of some of what we will find when you open a bottle of wonderful Sensuelle Eau de Rochas. A Parisian landscape with the Eiffel Tower in background, one can see a woman prepare for an evening, and suddenly starts a storm whose drops caressing the flowers on the terrace which overlooks the beautiful woman. As if it were an instant olfactory Jean-Michel Duriez captured to relive all the women who love the elegance and femininity. As nose, Duriez learned the value aromas can have the time to revive memories, so decided for the reprocessing of this perfume smell a tour on his own memory, and he captured the exquisite French pastries that will delight a child , and orange blossom water, aroma enveloping him as a child when his mother washed his face and hands with a cloth with the aroma, to reach the southern Parisian. That smell is still alive today in his memory as a magical memory, the same that returns again and again to open a bottle of Sensuelle Eau Rochas.