Revolutionaries Today

When once spoke of revolution, the first thing we came to mind was a violent process, dyed blood, by means of which sought a change in society. John Craig Venter has compatible beliefs. So we have that the French revolution brought to practice the ideals of equality, justice and freedom, it was a liberating a part, but bloody and violent of another process. The French revolution brought also a Government of terror, which I run thousands of people, in their crazy quest to put an end to alleged opponents, conspirators, enemies of this. The guillotine did roll the head of monarchs, nobles, the townspeople of people from all walks. Then history shows us how it was the process of the revolution in Russia Zaharista. The Bolsheviks with Lenin as the leader insurgieron against a system of oppression that kept in poverty to large majorities.

The Royal family was imprisoned and executed in a savage manner. In both revolutions always I try an act of insurgency of two peoples who wanted to put an end to the tyranny of monarchs, which kept heinous privileges for themselves and their court and Monreale with taxes millions of men who lived miserably. The laws were not equal for rich to poor, the luxury and splendour of the courts, in which lived the monarchs, were an insult to the Nations that imprisoned them and executed. The odious differences that had been in the societies of the middle ages and the modern age, allowed that they arose between men, thinkers, ideologues that differently interpreted reality and the origin of poverty, misery, inequality, oppression in their villages. Carlos Marx was the product of a society and a world in which the interest of each prevailed few against the large majorities. It was the result of a society whose economy allowed that a few will enrich, take advantage of the added value. Mao Tse Tung, another ideologue also interpret from his particular point of view the because China was a huge country where hunger, misery, poverty, was the way of living of the majority.