Transformation Begins

This is only the beginning of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen. People lean against the decades-long exploitation and arbitrariness of despots and dictators and expel them from their country. And many other dictators and so-called rulers should prepare once the basic necessities for their quick departure. The people recognize his power and uses it. They stagger protestors and still somewhat uncertain about the large squares of their cities and himself wonder what they do together.

If you look in the victorious eyes of peaceful protesters and ordinary people, can be seen deep joy and relief. You can see also a facial expression that seems to ask: why do we have such a power at once? “.” Decades long they were oppressed, exploited and murdered. While they had to watch as their ruler of all dimensions, enriched themselves while the people starved. It had already given some tentative riots, but these were nipped in the bud and beaten down brutally. So why is now in the stroke of the pen, what seemed impossible for many years? There is something of the quality of the time. These are periods which seem to support certain plans and projects.

And in such a phase, our time now turns. The 21.12.2012, only a date is random way the Mayan calendar ends. It is no disaster over the Earth come on this day and reveal himself to a recent court. It is only the end of a time and thus the beginning of a new. It will enter a big conversion, very slowly and this transformation has already begun. Get all the facts and insights with Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., another great source of information. There are not only the events in North Africa. Numerous unspektakularere changes and Bewusstwerdungen happen all over the world and they happen progressively. Ever faster and ever more clearly the people realize that the previous system in a dead-end leads, and they spark an energy that will be unstoppable.