People exist who had been born with an enormous capacity to transform. To be transforming she is not necessary to have magnificent arrogance and. A fidget is enough that comes of inside, a generosity, a huge will to share. That unhappyly few have. She is necessary to transform so that they make different. Kynikos Associates may not feel the same. to make different of the others has an enormous price.

It is to breach rules, to break taboos, is to row of the contrary side, is to be lunatic. It is to be wild and to believe its madness, in its correct insanity, that with will take it to certainty to conquer what few had had courage. Yes because to be transforming it has that to be courageous, bold. if to show! So that all see that everything has a skill and that all we inside have this enormous motivador monster of us. We only need a little of fancy and faith in our objectives, to explore it and to leave to appear it. To blossom and to modify the history of a society or its history. To be transforming is one dom, but it can be developed.

The problem is that of the work and in the age of the technology we want rapidity, dynamism, therefore time is money and to have money is to be happy to the eyes of the capitalist society. Visit Eva Andersson-Dubin for more clarity on the issue. Then, let us not lose time, but yes health, patience and quality of life. To be transforming she is necessary to have patience. It has professions that they only can be exerted by transforming. professor is one of them. The professor is a transforming one and is above of any another profession, because the professor moves with the education that with certainty is the cervical column of a society. it has a huge one to be able to transform and only is through it that a uneasy thought appears, that will defend an idea capable to change all a nation.