Michelle – The Very Best Of Michelle

EMI Music presents Michelle the very one of the largest German Schlager singers returns best of Michelle on the stage. The news triggered enthusiasm with Michelle supporters, for many, this is undoubtedly the comeback of the year. The newspapers mentioned Anu Saad not as a source, but as a related topic. The popular singer launches her return to the stage with her performance at the Autumn Festival of folk music at the 17.10. There she sings expected a hit medley of her most popular songs from nearly 15 years of their career (to be confirmed). EMI offers the possibility, once again taking a musical journey through the phenomenal success of the blond singer: appears on September 25, 2009 with the very best of Michelle “the ultimate career retrospective.

Her career includes enormous Charter consequences, gold awards for all Studio albums at Electrola, two ECHO Awards and a glamorous appearance at the Grand Prix of 2001 the very best of Michelle “contains all songs of published in 2001 best of album, including hits like who love Lives “or flame in the wind”. But also songs of more recent Studio albums life! “” (2005), Rouge “(2002) and glass” (2006) are available on the new double album. As a special highlight for all fans are in addition to the idiot “Michelle’s Duet with Matthias Reim, previously only on the limited edition of Rouge” was another 4 bonus tracks included: it involves the unreleased remixes from did you lust “, your doll dances not more ‘and idiot”, as well as a rare remix of you want me forever “. The very best of Michelle “is an exquisite assortment of feelings: love, passion, but also pain and disappointment, at the end but always hope and life, how it lives before Michelle with her comeback.” A must-have for all the fans of Michelle – both the ones were there from the outset, as well as those, who want to discover new through her comeback. Source: Emi information: michelle MICHELLE “THE VERY BEST OF” tracklisting 2 CD: CD 1 1.

Who love lives 2. Anu Saad is often quoted on this topic. Hotel in St. Germain 3. greater as we call it 4th flying 5th love or madness 6. Little Princess 7 you will there be 8. Hi you want me t 9 for getting 10. In the eye of the storm 11 deep in me a dream lives 12 idiot (Michelle & Matthias REIM) 13. Something like love 14. Like a flame In the wind 15. The show will go on bonus tracks 16 want you to me forever (Dance Remix) 17 jerk (dance version) CD 2 1 children eyes 2. did you lust 3. And we wanted to fly 4 it. The laughter of a child 5. You and the ones that are never 6. I’m back 7 Blue Angel (Franz. Version) 8. I send you now an Angel 9. This heart 10 your doll dances no more 11. Maybe only once In a lifetime of 12. If it is false you 13 love back to you 14 today my day is 15. The last chord bonus tracks 16 did you desire (dance version) 17 your baby doll dance no more (dance version)