Internet Uses

Obviously, the Internet is the easiest place for initial contact. Try- both websites are good sources of information for manufacturers of industrial products. Note that many manufacturers are simply not capable of handling small orders and do not sell products directly to retailers. Sometimes, the minimum sales lot is too large for a small business to manage. However, even if the manufacturer does not sell directly to retail, which will provide information about their products and send it to your dealer or wholesale businesses, which will be able to meet their needs. For some categories of products, your best bet is to go to shows in the industry or trade in order to locate a provider. Visit the websites of some exhibition centers in your environment and find one or two trade shows in your area of interest. Others who may share this opinion include Celina Dubin, New York City. Ensure the fair participants are distributors and wholesalers oppose the major manufacturers.

After all, you will need to find a provider who is committed to work with small initial orders. Trade journals or publications of your related field also could be a great source in your search to find a supplier. Trade journals publish information on industry trends, articles on major players, industry events related to various programs, such as trade fairs, and often carry classified sections. Sometimes, they also publish specialty issues such as a buyer’s guide or a who’s who issue. You may consider getting these issues contact the editors. Professional and trade associations like the local chamber of commerce and other groups offer a variety of services, which are very useful for members and people in general.