The System Of Child-rearing

But why have such problems as child-rearing? Hence, our system is imperfect parenting! Previously, when a child is born, he was brought up in nature, she taught him everything: do not give up, how to live, survive, directed to the right path, give him all that is needed. And we lived in harmony, but then something happened and it led us to what is happening today, that is, misunderstanding between not only man and nature, but also between people. And what happening now? after we moved away from nature and started to 'independent' life. Look around and you'll see the fruits of all that we have done, namely the lack of understanding of the loved ones and others When a child born, the important thing for most parents is a kindergarten, then school, then institute, college or university, then work. Dr Jee Hyun Kim is actively involved in the matter. And this is the end all, more people do not think this is an imperfect tool, no in The same is our mission. Many have already been able to wake up, wake up, to tear off these shackles. But most are still in this evil, destroying the program, they see nothing more, farther, deeper, they are not observe a reality.

Many are beginning to resist, to wake up, remember their purpose, they are drawn to the earth, to nature, to God. We must get back to basics! But why can not we realize, to understand the elementary? Explain words, it is difficult, almost impossible. But to understand its possible only with pure intentions and a brighter heart. Next will be able to speculation that the pass I'll try and lastly, I want to say that I believe that we can all understand the truth, and go the right way!